Aqua-Sno is a private waterski club based out of Irondequoit Bay in Rochester NY.  There is a slalom ski course at the very south end of the bay, along with a floating raft that the club maintains.  Being a part of the Rochester community for over 50 years the club promotes safe skiing in a family environment.

Today we are bringing the information, pictures, and history of the Aqua-Sno Skiers online for the rest of the world to share in.

Aqua-Sno History

The roots of AQUA-SNO Skiers date back to 1956 when 13 skiers formed a water ski club called the “Bayview Water Skiers” on Irondequoit Bay.

In 1959 the club was renamed as AQUA-SNO Skiers headquartered at the Bayview motel on Irondequoit Bay.

Throughout the 1960’s, the club produced many free, high quality water ski shows for the public on Irondequoit Bay, Genesee river, Canandaigua Lake, Seneca Falls, and the Canal. At the Annual Genesee Aqua Festival held at Genesee Valley Park in the 60’s and 70’s, the club put on water ski shows at times to more than 100,000 spectators!

The club has had members perform at the prestigious Cypress Gardens Waterski shows, and honored by the Waterski Hall of Fame. Some of our members have qualified and competed at the Nationals waterski tournament (the highest level of amateur competition in the US).

Two current AQUA-SNO members hold NY State records in waterskiing and one is the current NY State champion. Our membership has also included an Olympic athlete (Cathy Turner).

the Irondequoit Bay water ski club