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a Small Sailing World, and More

I went to the Finger Lakes Boating Museum show ( at Seneca Lake on 7/23, and saw a sailing canoe in use that looked like something that could have been built by RCC’s George Ruggles in 1890.

The owner Jim Gargiula said that it was a Peterboro built Canadien Model 16ft. long with 45 SF sail weighing 80 lbs. built in 1939-40. He bought it from Harry Bogdan at Yonkers Canoe Club (a competing club of RCC in 1890) in 1954, and he himself sailed/paddled it on Jamaica Bay out of Sebago Canoe Club (founded 1933) in Brooklyn. By coincidence, RCC member John Fortunato came from that club.

But the coincidence is much greater, as Jim and I discovered as we talked. He lived in the same area that I grew up in, though closer to Bensonhurst/Dyker Beach than Bay Ridge. He was in the Army 1963, (me 1953) and at Camp Gordon, as I was, and the Signal School at Fort Monmouth, as I was. And he met Werner Von Braun, the ex-Nazi rocket scientist at Redstone Arsenal, where I served.

I also had a good conversation with with Bill Oben, President of FLBM, and I have already sent him some RCC History, and have decided to join FLBM.

A small world, indeed.
Leo Balandis

Online with Aqua-Sno

Aqua-Sno is a private waterski club based out of Irondequoit Bay in Rochester NY.  There is a slalom ski course at the very south end of the bay, along with a floating raft that the club maintains.  Being a part of the Rochester community for over 50 years the club promotes safe skiing in a family environment.

Today we are bringing the information, pictures, and history of the Aqua-Sno Skiers online for the rest of the world to share in.